Posted on: July 12, 2010 1:20 pm

Why do people bash those who better themselves?

After the whole Lebron James saga I got to thinking.

After reading Dan Gilbert's email to fans I got to thinking more and more.

Why do people bash those who try to better themselves?

   Lebron left Cleveland to win a championship. That is pretty obvious. He also took less money to make that move. He gave Cleveland 7 years of his life and tried numerous times to win a championship. They came close once, but just didnt have the pieces to complete the task. This past season the cards fell. The Cavs had the best record in the East, but when playoff time came they fell short. Lebron then decided to take his talents to another city to accomplish his goal of winning multiple titles. Lebron was only trying to better the situation for himself and his family. What is so wrong with that?

   Before Les Miles took over the LSU job he was coaching at Oklahoma State. As an Oklahoma State fan I was sad to see him go. However I was NOT about to blast the man for bettering his life. I know that Ok State is not LSU. I know that. Therefore I would never be mad at the man for making the move. LSU equaled better program and more money. Congrats to Les. 

   WVU and Cincy fans must be grouped together for this one. RR signed an extension while Kelly told his players he wouldnt leave them. However, when you are coaching at WVU or Cincy and Michigan or Notre Dame comes knocking, what do you do? I would guess that 95% of us would say bye bye WVU and Cincy. Is there really anything to think about? Even if the two programs are not at their best they will pay more and have more tradition. Can you blame them for leaving?

Sure it is ok to be upset when someone leaves your school or team. However it is wrong to blast them publicly or behind closed doors. If the tables are turned most would make the same decision. Lebron wants championships so he left. Les wanted to make more money and coach at a football school to build his own legacy there. RR and Kelly left their programs for more money and the chance to coach at a tradition rich school.

Why cant some accept that and move on? Why must some stay bitter?

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Why do referees stink so bad?

If there is one thing that irks me the most about sports it has to be bad officiating. Apparently in the NBA, you must be 50+ years old to be a referee. Im no doctor, but doesnt your eye sight get worse as you get older?

I think most will agree that NBA officiating is very inconsistent. For me it is tough to watch games with poor officiating. It really is brutal. How do you not call travelling on Gasol when his feet hit the ground before he releases the ball? How do they watch a replay that shows Boston touching the ball last, but they give the ball to Boston?

Lets move right along to the World Cup now.

Today the US team was shafted by a call that nullified a possible game winning goal. The ref gave no explanation and the replays didnt give any proof that a foul was committed. The other day there was a goalie who received a Red Card for showing his emotions on a horrible call. The Goalie, for South Africa I believe, tripped up the opponent in the goalie box. However the replay clearly showed that the goalie barely caught the toe of the other player. Of course he falls to the ground holding his shin, the goalie then shows his emotions, and the ref gives him a red card. The ref clearly blew the call and then does the unthinkable by giving out the red card which ejects the goalie from the game. The other team then makes the penatly kick to go up 2-0.

Refs cost games. PERIOD. We all spend money and time to watch these games. Some people dedicate their lives to these sports. Then in an instant you are crushed by bad officiating.



The World Cup just got really bad. I dont understand why people are so reluctant to use replay. If it gets the right call what is the big deal. So it adds 5-10 more minutes. That is better than sending home the wrong team.
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